Why you should say NO to Marijuana

1. Marijuana Can Block Your Memory Formation

Weed has an active ingredient that affects a part of your brain known as the hippocampus and alters how your mind processes information. Marijuana can affect how your brain forms memories. It can lead to cognitive impairment in adulthood, especially if you continually use it during your adolescence.

If you are really wondering if it affects the brain, then let’s dive into a study done in New Zealand. It was conducted using IQ test scores over a period of time, ages 13 to 38. Those who were physically dependent to marijuana before the age of 18 had a decrease in IQ by the age of 38. This is because the younger the brain, the more negative impact it has on memory performance.

2. Marijuana Can Mess With Your Balance

The TCH found in cannabis can mess with the cerebellum part of your brain that regulates your balance and posture. Using marijuana disturbs these areas making you have a hard time talking and walking properly.

Cannabis can also impact your ability to drive. So, you should avoid smoking weed before driving due to lack of proper concentration on the road.

3. Marijuana Can Lead to Panic

While some people use cannabis to treat anxiety-related conditions, its use has been scientifically linked to panic attacks and other anxiety disorders. In fact, one recent study linked lifetime cannabis use to an increased risk of panic attacks and a lifetime diagnosis of panic disorder. 

More often than not, the link between panic and cannabis can be found in the amount that a person uses, either in one sitting or in their daily consumption. The user builds up too much THC in their system, and their body has a difficult time processing it. 

About 20 to 30 percent of people who use marijuana for recreational purpose react with intense fear and distrust after using it. These two side effects are among the most common side effects of using weed because of overdose. When an overdose occurs, it is best to keep calm, sleep it off, and wait for time to pass.

Some people are sensitive to THC, and even a small amount can induce panic. Typically, this is due to the way that cannabinoids interact with the chemicals in their brain. 

For most patients, the remedy is reducing consumption, but if panic continues, it is recommended that they speak with their physician. 

4. Marijuana Can Lead to Psychosis

After a publication from the New York Times linked the use of cannabis to an increased risk of developing psychosis, researchers began to dig deeper into the potential link. 

So far, science has not found a definitive link, and cannabis use, in and of itself, does not appear to cause psychosis. However, the authors did conclude that more investigation should be done on the link between heavy marijuana use and psychosis, particularly as it pertains to the development of schizophrenia. 

Patients who use it to treat conditions are advised to avoid heavy use, at least until more data is collected. 

5. Marijuana Can Cause Respiratory Diseases

Smoking weed regularly by many people is the major cause of the increased risk of chronic coughs. A 2014 study exploring the relationship between using cannabis and lung disease, suggests that it’s possible for smoking to cause respiratory problems. This study concludes that there is clear evidence that regular or habitual smoking is harmful and that people should avoid using marijuana in excess. Although, tobacco is the leading cause of respiratory disease.

6. Marijuana Can Cause Testicular Cancer

Researchers from Canada and Sweden recently managed to link heavy cannabis use to testicular cancer. Data pooled from three other studies also revealed a similar link. 

For the purposes of their study, researchers considered heavy use as 50 or more uses during the person’s lifetime. Still, the researchers indicated that the link remains casual. 

Male users are encouraged to consider this link, however, especially if they use marijuana on a regular basis, or consume it in large amounts. 

Although there isn’t much evidence linking marijuana to an increased risk of any cancer, the National Academies of Sciences has found some evidence that suggests using marijuana results increase of testicular cancer.

Marijuana and Your Health – The Dirty Truth

Like all things, too much marijuana can be bad for your health. Yet, if used responsibly and for legitimate conditions, it offers fewer side effects than most of the current, traditional medications used to treat serious conditions like cancer, posttraumatic stress disorder, and musculoskeletal disorders. 

If it happens to be your drug of choice, talk to your doctor before adding it to your treatment regimen. Understand the risks and symptoms of overuse, and cease treatment if you start to notice them. Above all, use it responsibly, just like you would any other drug or mind-altering substances. 

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