why some people are poor

Many of the world’s populace is being affected by the word poverty, and the only way to get out of this situation is education and hard work. The more qualified you are in the world, the better the chances of you taking risk and quick decisions which will make you to achieve success faster. People who take the right decisions at right time and right place are successful faster. Combination of work for experience and education for recognizing opportunities and working towards success is absolutely a must.Money is in essence unlimited. And billionaires can have as much as they’d like without affecting anyone else at all.

What is Poverty? The Definitions of Poverty | Compassion UK


  1. I want to eat fast food every day because it tastes so good. Who cares that it costs a minimum of $5 – $8 or more per meal.
  2. Despite being the one paying my rent and all my bills, I may as well spend the rest on other stuffs like cigarettes, alcohol, clothes, etc. after all it’s my money. oops no money left!!
  3. I’m going to get and settle for a minimum wage job because hopefully they’ll raise it to $15 an hour and I’ll get paid more instead of going to get myself educated and finding a job with a salary that pays so much more
  4. I’ve heard the words, “investing” and “investment” but I have no idea what they mean and I don’t care to research what they means, how to do it, and I’m not going to even bother watching a YouTube video that explains it to me step by step this also contributes to why some people are poor.
  5. I live for today, not tomorrow, so forget saving, YOLO!
  6. So many do not want to learn a skill, in times when things are hard, they blame it on the government.

Disclaimer: This is by no means a reflection on everyone its just why some people are poor. Some people cannot save money or their situation really does not allow for it. For example, if you do have children — you got to take care of them.

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