Why Making Money Shouldn’t Be Your Only Goal in Life

“Money cannot buy you happiness.” We all have heard of this sentence (and other similar sentences) many times before now, seen it written on motivational books and blogs and talked about by various celebrities and great philosophers. But do we truly, genuinely believe this?

For some people, the answer is a big no. In simple and clear ways, all of us need money for everything from fulfilling basic needs that are necessary for survival to making our biggest dreams come alive. 

Happiness in life can only come from the fulfillment of all the things that we need and want. The basic problem is that we usually don’t know the things we want or need. Many of us often think that we do know these things, but in real life we may have our priorities wrong. With this said, does money actually make you happy? I’d answer yes to some extent — money can buy you freedom and experiences, which in turn lead to your overall happiness. 

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Introducing other different goals into our life – unrelated to having much money – will, at the very least, give you some breathing space and a way to unwind and look for satisfaction in other areas of your life. Exercise goals, for instance, will put you in better shape – all while providing a release from stress caused from work. Working towards family and relationship goals will ease the emotional tension you build up at your work place.

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It’s always important to ensure that we have something in our lives that’s just as important as our businesses or careers so that there’s at least one more source of positive affirmation. Values and goals unrelated to money-making provide healthy ways of dealing with the stresses and pressures of our professional lives, lowering the risk of burnout and preventing us from turning to damaging coping mechanisms like drugs or alcohol.

And at the end of the day, even at the most practical level, you’ll want to be in a good physical and mental shape to take advantage of the opportunities that the money you’ve earned can give you. If you drive yourself into a rut trying constantly to maximize your income, you won’t be able to enjoy the rewards.

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Beware of burnout

Burnout is considered to be an occupational phenomenon – it refers to a state of physical, mental, and/or emotional exhaustion caused specifically by work-related stress. It’s a problem common and serious enough to have earned an entry in the International Classification of Diseases. A 2020 survey found that nearly two-thirds of full-time workers are dealing with burnout at some point while at work.

Of course burnout might be caused by factors other than excessive focus on income: Many jobs, such as healthcare or law enforcement, involve intense psychological pressure that could be overwhelming. But if your sole focus in life is to make more money, you run the risk of losing regard for your health and well-being, eventually becoming unable to continue your pursuit.

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