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Many people that deal on merchandise might have once in their lives had a thought of importing goods from overseas and selling them in the country, but only few have move on to take the steps of actually starting mini importation. You need to be extra careful when you want to start mini importation business. If you are having plans of starting a mini importation business, then this post is for you. Just grab a cup of coffee while we discuss every step you need to take before you start mini importation business.

This post will be answering questions like:

  • What is mini importation?
  • How do I start mini importation?
  • What is the least amount to start mini importation?

What is mini importation?

Mini importation as the name implies is a kind of importation business where you do not have to invest so much money, but less money but still import your goods the same way that major importers are doing.

Mini importation is actually a very lucrative business to venture into if you have the little capital and also certain on the kind of products you want to be importing.

When you want to start mini importation, you need to focus on goods that you have researched and know that you will not have to stress yourself so much in marketing those products.

How do I start mini importation?

Mini importation is not hard to start up. The moment you have decided on the product to sell, you can go ahead and import them. To start mini importation you are required is to do a very good research on how the market is for the product you want to begin importing. You do not want to import some products then end up not making profits from them.

What you will need before starting mini importation is:

  • A computer or smartphone with internet service
  • Actual home or office address
  • Active email address
  • Small amount of money in your bank account
  • Debit card

Where to buy?

This is one of the questions many entrepreneurs ask when venturing into min importation. You can buy your goods directly from China using the Aliexpress website. It is very easy to buy, all you need to do is sign up on the website and provide necessary information that will be required from you then you are ready to kick start your mini importation business.

How to pay?

When buying online, the means of payment is usually through your bank debit card. You need to apply in your bank and get yours if you have not gotten it already.

How to avoid fraud?

There are tons of fraudsters roaming the internet to defraud people. You need to be very careful when buying. To avoid being a victim, you need to lookout for a sellers store, check reviews made by previous buyers and also check for how long the person might have been selling on the platform. These and many more will prove that the seller is genuine.

How do I get my orders?

AliExpress offers free shipping to its customers through AliExpress standard shipping, Hong Kong mail and China Mail Air Post, but it usually take about 15-60 days for the products to arrive the destination after the order have been placed. There are other shipping methods, but the bad side of it is that the shipping fee is usually greater than the cost of the products if you are importing on a low scale. These other paid shipping companies include EMS, DHL, and FedEx mail services.

What is the least amount to start mini importation?

You can actually start mini importation with as low as 10,000NGN, it all boils down to the type of product you are buying and the shipping method you are using to ship your products down to where you are. If you are using Free Shipping, it will cost you very little amount. Shipping method too varies from buyer to buyer and also varies depending on where you are shipping your products from. This factor really affects mini importation, but to be on the safe side you need to research on the seller and get to buy from one seller so that the shipping fees will not be high.

When you are just starting your mini importation business, you can decide to use social media to sell the products if you do not have a store yet. With time and as the profits get coming, you can chose to get yourself an online store and be selling your goods there.

The profit margin for mini importation is usually 50%-100% or above, it depends on how the goods you are selling are being sought for, and you need to lookout for original products and sell so that your customers will always come back to you. They will also be the ones to refer you to friends and expand your business.

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