How To Start A Freelance Ecommerce Business

freelance ecommerce business

Freelance ecommerce business involves selling products online to people that require them. To me this is the very simplest definition to give to a newbie that just wants to get information or probably wants to get involved in ecommerce. Furthermore, freelance marketing involves you marketing the products you have carefully selected to people. These people maybe a group of targeted members of the platform in which you advertised, may be Facebook.

Ecommerce can be done through different website like shopify, amazon, eBay etc. This form of ecommerce is called DROPSHIPPING.

An example of freelance marketing is selling Airpods from my Facebook page to people via sponsored ads. These clients come as a result of the advertisement on the Facebook page. A website basically comes in when you want to present the product in a more sophisticated way, and place testimonies of previous buyers. This makes a client more eager to get the product.

Sales funnels are what marketers use in grabbing their audience’s attention up to the stage where they become regular buyers. A sales funnel can be created using softwares like INSTABUILDER or ELEMENTOR. We have other sales funnel softwares, but these are the most common softwares. Sales funnels also help in building your email lists as you can chose to get the emails of those coming to your website so that you can send them emails on new products.

Freelance ecommerce can still be in form of services offered. Services like graphic designs, fashion designs, restaurants and catering etc can also use this approach to reach out to more clients.

Anyone can start ecommerce business at any location as long as the individual has the appropriate technology to help reach out to wholesalers and the customers that want the products.

You do not have to wait until you have a very huge capital before you venture to freelance ecommerce as the required things are incredibly easy to source for. Some of the required things are within you but this is actually the right time for you to know as you will be getting money as a freelance ecommerce merchant.


Things you need to start a freelance ecommerce business

Internet connection: The internet is a very important tool when starting a freelance ecommerce business. Its relevance cannot be over emphasized as you need it even to come across this article the internet might have been used.

Mobile phone: You need a mobile phone with good internet connection and airtime to enable you communicate with your supplier and your clients all the time. If you stay in an area where the power supply is epileptic , you may need to purchase a power bank to always keep your mobile phone charged all the time in case you have a client wanting to reach out to you.

Laptop: This is another tool you need to succeed as a freelance ecommerce merchant as you will need it when building your website which include a sales funnel. If you cannot afford a laptop, you can always use a cyber cafe or borrow a laptop from someone until you are able to purchase your own personal computer.

Website: A website is a core tool when considering starting a freelance ecommerce business especially if it is dropshipping. Though you can run an ecommerce business without a website, but it is very vital as the world have changed and so many people are online so you won’t want to loose your clients because you don’t have a website. You can get a website for as low as $100 or even less.

I will give a break down of what you will need for your ecommerce website so you make plans of getting a website.

A simple ecommerce website can designed using WordPress without any coding. I recommend NAMECHEAP for your domain name and hosting as they give good service

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To kick-off your freelance ecommerce business, you need to follow the following steps:

Choose a niche

Have a defined product you want to sell in your website. Having a specific niche means that you will be focused on a particular line of product. Though this is a freelance business, you may want to sell different products but you need to be focused on some niche market and understand your target customers.

If its health products you want to sell you need to always stick to it. The reason is that when you are in one niche, you tend to understand how the market is and get to know what is trending, you know what to buy and things you should not buy as you will be getting feed backs from your past clients.

Do proper research

Before starting out as a freelance ecommerce merchant, you need to do proper research on the chosen niche. Check out for people doing the same business and how they did it and become successful. But I advice that you should never sell a product without proper research to see if it is a hot product. Never rely on a wholesalers advise or pressure to buy, because they are out there to sell their goods. Look up for products with keyword research tools or google trends.


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Contact wholesalers to confirm products

You need to contact the wholesalers to confirm product availability before moving on to settle that you want to sell that particular product. Contact different wholesalers and know their costs and shipping charges. Compare and go for the one that suits your budget. In a situation where the wholesalers are far, you need to wait till you have you product inventory before advertising as you will not want to keep your clients waiting for a product that is not available.

Advertise your ecommerce business

Freelance ecommerce business revolves around your ability to advertise your product. You need to write a very captivating sales copy that will attract your potential clients. Without a very good sales copy you cannot attend success in freelance ecommerce business

You need a Facebook page, Instagram, Whatsapp or Twitter to advertise your business. You can also opt for Google Ads if you have enough money, but Facebook ads is the best option and has been working for me.

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